Who’s Who

Adrian Starr Sensei

Head of the Shōrinji Kenpō Organisation, 4th Dan.  Has been training in Shōrinji Kenpō since 1981, and rose to be the most successful branch master in the BSKF (British Shorinji Kempo Federation) before leaving and creating the SKO. Read more here.


Thomas Waller

1st Dan. Tom started training in Shōrinji Kenpō in 2007. He’d always had a fascination with martial arts, but was also looking for something to help boost his confidence. Through the years Tom achieved his goals of personal development in terms of strength of mind, body and discipline, and now his motivations for training have changed to focus on teaching and giving other kenshi the same opportunities that he had. Tom is Deputy Branch Head: Fuku Shibu-chō 副支部長 of the Sway Dojo.


Samuel Johnson

1st Dan. Sam started training in 2011 at the Gregg School dojo mainly to get fitter. As well as gaining fitness his self confidence grew through Shōrinji Kenpō. Over the years Sam’s motivations have changed and he has found that he greatly enjoys teaching and helping junior kenshi grow and develop.