Who’s Who

Adrian Starr Sensei

Head of the Shōrinji Kenpō Organisation, 4th Dan.  Has been training in Shōrinji Kenpō since 1981, and rose to be the most successful branch master in the BSKF (British Shorinji Kempo Federation) before leaving and creating the SKO. Read more here.



Juan Battaner-Moro

Deputy branch master. 2nd Dan. Found Shōrinji Kenpō while working at Southampton University in 2000. Juan rose through the ranks and took on a variety of responsibilities. Now he continues to train and teach at our Southampton clubs. Read more here.



Brittany Hill

1st Dan. Began training in Shōrinji Kenpō at the age of 27 whilst studying at Southampton University. What began as a search for a wider social group and a more interesting fitness regime swiftly turned into a great appreciation for the mental and physical intricacies of the art. Has held treasurer and club captain positions in the past. After having to move back to her home country (USA) she has been practicing other styles of martial arts and hopes to be able to open her own dojo one day. She maintains close links with the mother club.


Bob Swan

1st Dan and club administrator. Recently retired, and decided that Kenpō in a warm, dry dojo was preferable to golf out in the wind and cold. Started Shōrinji Kenpō in 2009 with his daughter, who also reached 1st Dan. As well as enjoying the physical and mental exercise of Shōrinji Kenpō, Bob enjoys  watching the young people he teaches grow and flourish. Has been studying in one martial art or another since the 1970s.


Samuel Johnson

1st Dan. Sam started training in 2011 at the Gregg School dojo mainly to get fitter. As well as gaining fitness his self confidence grew through Shōrinji Kenpō. Over the years Sam’s motivations have changed and he has found that he greatly enjoys teaching and helping junior kenshi grow and develop.


Thomas Waller

1st Dan. Tom started training in Shōrinji Kenpō in 2007. He’d always had a fascination with martial arts, but was also looking for something to help boost his confidence. Through the years Tom achieved his goals of personal development in terms of strength of mind, body and discipline, and now his motivations for training have changed to focus on teaching and giving other kenshi the same opportunities that he had.


Dominic Dux

1st Dan. Dom started training at the Gregg School dojo in 2012 because he thought it looked cool. He achieved his 1st dan in the autumn of 2017, and is currently studying for a degree in Mathematics at the University of Warwick.  Having also trained in Aikido and Jui Jitsu, he is particularly keen on wrist locks and throws. When he does come back to Southampton to train he values the familial atmosphere of the dojo and great variety in both the styles taught and people who train there.


Tessa Bell

1st Dan. Started training in Shōrinji Kenpō in 2015, at the Winchester club. After finishing her college studies in 2017, Tessa moved to Southampton to continue training full-time. She currently serves as the club’s online marketing secretary, and is the assistant branch master of the Southampton Female Self Defence System (FSDS).



Jaevan Burrell

1st Dan.  After starting university, he found himself looking for a distraction from his studies, social opportunities and a way to improve his fitness. In October 2015, he found the Southampton University dojo taster session for Shōrinji Kenpō. Jaevan found all this and so much more, and has been hooked ever since.