How much does it cost to train?

For any member, a lifetime membership with WAMA costs £10 as well as the yearly membership fee of £20. These costs are non-negotiable as it provides the member with insurance in case of injury.

All training sessions costs are dependent upon the venue, employment status and personal situation status. Please get in contact with us if you are unable to pay the costs as you may still be able to train.

There are three terms of training a year for each school/college/university dojo, each one payable for after 1st September:

The Gregg School: £70 per term – 12 sessions

Peter Symonds College: £140 per term – 24 sessions (2 per week) or £70 per term – 12 sessions (1 per week)

Southampton University: £80 per term – 24 sessions

University students training at Southampton pay half price – £40 per term.

For our private dojo in Sway, costs are payable at the start of the month for 4 or 8 sessions- each session costing £6.

When visiting a foreign dojo university students / unemployed / low income rates are  £1 per hour. All other members are charged £7 per session upon attendance.

Summer holiday training is usually £70 (£40 for students/low income) and we usually still train 3-4 times a week during summer holidays, depending on demand.

Gradings are held every three months, though senior grades take longer to achieve. With consistent training, you can earn a 1st Dan black belt in 3 years.

We try and keep costs down at a reasonable level. We are far cheaper than most other martial arts, and we train longer for less. Feel free to compare us online.

The first session is always free, so either contact us online or just come along to talk to us if you have any questions.