How much does it cost to train?

For any member, a lifetime membership of WAMA (World Alliance of Martial Arts) costs £10, the Shōrinji Kenpō Organisation membership fee costs £10, and the annual insurance costs £10. These costs are non-negotiable as it provides the member with a license and insurance in case of injury.

Training sessions costs are dependent upon employment status and personal situation status. Please get in contact with us if you are unable to pay the costs as you may still be able to train.

Classes run on Saturdays at the Sway youth centre, Station Road, Lymington SO41 6BA Saturday – Juniors (under 14 years) 9 – 10.30am Seniors – 9 – 12 midday. Cost £10 per session – payable monthly in advance.

Southampton University, Fitness Studio, University of Southampton Students’ Union, Building 42, University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ – Sundays – 9am – 12 midday. Over 16’s only. Cost £35 per term Uni students – £65 per term private students, payable in advance.

Gradings are held every three months, though senior grades take longer to achieve. With consistent training, you can earn a 1st Dan black belt in 3 years.

Grading costs:
ALL junior (under 14yrs) gradings – £35 test fee
5th Kyu (yellow belt) – £35 test fee
4rd Kyu (green belt) – £45 test fee
3nd Kyu (blue belt) – £55 test fee
2nd Kyu (brown & blue belt) –£65
1st Kyu (brown belt) – £65 test fee
Shodan Ho (provisional black belt) – £80 test fee
Shodan and above – Free (You’ll pay by teaching later!)

We try and keep costs down at a reasonable level. We are far cheaper than most other martial arts, and we train longer for less. Feel free to compare us online.

The first session is always free, so either contact us online or just come along to talk to us if you have any questions.