Shorinji Kenpo Seminar with Sensei Ian Ferguson

On the 26th of January, Sensei Ian Ferguson, the training partner and life-long friend of our own Sensei Adrian Starr, came to visit the club. We’ve often been told stories of Sensei Ian and Sensei Adrian and the times they’ve spent together, so it was a rare opportunity for the entire club to finally meet Sensei Ian.

Sensei Ian is currently a 3rd Dan in Shōrinji Kenpō, and despite having moved away from Kenpō for a brief period, his abilities are still immaculate. He featured a very traditional Kenpō style, from his movement and his striking to the emphasis he showed when teaching techniques. However, it was very clear that both training partners had been raised by the same Sensei Russell Jenkins and the final result of their varying teaching methods, led to the same end goal.

The seminar started from working on basics but then gradually incorporating these basic strikes into a 4-versus-1 scenario, where technique began to break down and it became about instinct. This message really followed through in the rest of the day, where the focus was on speed and being as relaxed as possible throughout the entire technique.

The really interesting part about Sensei Ian’s style was that it was traditional, where certain techniques have evolved over the years – seeing different versions of the same technique done to an extremely high standard was a great experience, let alone to try them out as difficult as some of them were. We saw this in the practice of Ryou-ken dai Ikkei, and the incorporation of different kicks and the different footwork on certain counts.

Everyone had something different to take away from the seminar as Sensei Ian would come round and personally instruct us on the techniques, but it can be said that everyone really enjoyed the day and that we can’t wait to have him come down and visit us again!

16th of December – Grading Weekend

The weekend was a highly anticipated event for the club – with many Kenshi across the belt spectrum grading. An extremely exhausting six-hour crammer session on Saturday and two hours on the morning of the Sunday led up to the grading. Each Kenshi was pushed to the limits and tested under pressure of watchful grading examiners, scrutinising their techniques, rolls, stances and movement as well as general composure and focus.  Techniques were also called out that they have never been shown before,  seeing how they would cope under unfamiliar and stressful circumstances.

It was a fantastic grading, with many Juniors and Seniors grading, and thanks to everyone’s great effort and commitment, they all passed! A new wave of blue belts have now hit across all four dojos of the organisation which will be a huge boost to our teaching capability – and all have a very high standard. Four new yellow belts also had their first grading and were pushed into unknown grounds, testing themselves as never before. Junior graders were tested this weekend, however, due to fewer numbers they were under far more scrutiny by examiners and did extremely well.

Once again, congratulations to all those that graded! Everyone worked extremely hard following up to this weekend, a well-deserved rest should be had over the holidays!

Training will resume after the New Year (See dates below).

Southampton University:
Term starts – Mon 7 Jan – Opening ceremony Wed 9 Jan

The Gregg School:
Term starts – Thurs 3 Jan – Opening ceremony Mon 7 Jan

Peter Symonds College Winchester
Term starts – Tues 8 Jan – Opening ceremony Tues 8 Jan

Sway, New Forest:
Term starts – Thurs 10 Jan (May change to earlier)

WAMA Seminar – Harrogate 2018

This weekend our club had travelled up to Harrogate in order to attend the WAMA Seminar, where many different instructors from over the world attended to teach and be taught about their respective styles. From Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Karate to name a few.

With instructors such as Sensei Steve Barnett, Sensei Gary Don, Sensei Ralf Karp, Sensei Hans Pihelgas, Sensei Howard Armstrong, Sensei Martin Folan as well as our own Sensei Adrian Starr. They bought about a lot of unique and fun teaching styles but also an extremely high calibre of martial arts technical wisdom.

After the first day of training, we’d settled into accommodation which was kindly provided by The Martial Arts Hut, an amazing dojo with a lot of training facilities. We then went back into town and joined everyone at an after-party where traditional York food, fish and chips, had been provided for everyone as well as allowing all the clubs to mingle outside of the dojo environment and allowed us to make inter-club connections.

The second day was just as fun, and we got to demonstrate a very few minute parts of Shorinji Kenpo to the other instructors from striking vital points, effective striking as well as the power of Kiai. It showed just how effective Shorinji Kenpo is at dealing with someone regardless of size, shape or sex of the attacker.

Unfortunately, the club had to leave the seminar early due to the long drive back, but all the Kenshi had a great time and wished they could have stayed longer. The club wants to thank the instructors as well as Sensei Steve Barnett for organising the event and making it as great as it was. We are looking forward to the next WAMA seminars in the coming year and hope that we will able to attend.


Senior Grading

Congratulations to our two new Shodan who passed their black belts yesterday. It was a long and hard grading, and they passed entirely on the merit of their own hard work.

Randori/Unyoho Seminar – 2018

This past weekend, on Saturday the 29th of July, the club held a one-day training seminar, focusing on Unyoho – the free-flowing application of techniques. Unyoho and randori (imposing order upon chaos) are the closest that Shōrinji Kenpō  comes to open sparring or kumite. However they are rarely practised until shodan, so this was a rare treat for many of our students. The day spanned from 0900 to 1600, and also featured a surprise visit from the head instructor of  Hung Lueng Kuen Kung Fu. Dai Sifu Chris Parker and his assistant instructor Sifu Stacey Woods were a pleasure to have as guests at our dojo.

Everyone who attended greatly enjoyed it, and there were no major injuries suffered. We look forward to the next one!


Winchester PSC Recruiting Fair

A successful two days of recruiting at Winchester Peter Symonds College with the students showing a lot of intrigue for Shorinji Kenpo. We train at Winchester PSC every Tuesday from 5pm to 7:30pm during school term time, and very much look forward to meeting and welcoming the new Kenshi into our club.

If you cannot make these dates, there is also further training across Hampshire in Sway, Southampton Uni and at the Gregg’s School. More information for times and location of these sessions can be seen here.

Anyone who wants to train is welcome to any of our clubs across Hampshire, with your first two sessions free. We look forward to seeing you!


July 1st – Grading Results

After training six hours on Saturday, and then three hours on the Sunday morning, a very hard and strenuous grading followed in the extreme heat of the weekend.

The club is very happy to announce that ten yellow belts passed their grading, and are now green belts. As well as two green belts having passed and have become blue belts. Three Junior Kenshi (Under 14s) also graded – with two achieving yellow-stripe having completed the junior white syllabus, and another junior having achieved their green-tag.

The club wishes to congratulate all the Kenshi who graded for their hard work and effort!


May Bank Holiday – Weekend seminar

The past 5th and 6th of May a weekend seminar took place at the Gregg School, Southampton.

On the first day, the venue opened its doors at 8:30 to welcome not only participants but also guest instructor Dai Sifu Parker, Chief Instructor of Hung Leng Kuen Kung  Fu. Groundwork, bo staff, and other weaponry practice were the focus of the day. An enjoyable session accompanied by splendid weather conditions. which finished at 16:00 and left more than one excited for the next day.

On the second day, the event resumed at 9:00 under yet another wonderful sunny day. History and philosophy of martial arts, meditative breathing, and more Bo staff practice were the main topics. After thanking all participants, the seminar closed at 15:00.

A well spent bank holiday!



The British Martial Arts Awards – A Brief Summary

On the 28th of April, the Shorinji Kenpo Organisation headed to Shropshire for the nomination of Sensei Adrian Starr for the Continued Excellence in Martial Arts Award. This was the first time the club had been to an awards ceremony and were honoured to be invited.

The event had been hosted by pressure point expert, Anthony Pillage. A lot of Martial Arts Masters had also been invited to the award ceremony to celebrate the successes of the winners. The event had offered a full course buffet to the guests at the event. Later into the evening, Sensei Adrian Starr was awarded the Continued Excellence in Martial Arts Award much to the clubs great celebration and cheer.

The event was well run and had a light and fun atmosphere. A mighty congratulations to Sensei Adrian Starr for his fully deserved award.


Grading news – 25th of March, 2018

This weekend we had a very small senior grading. Two of our practitioners – Jaevan Burrell and Tessa Bell – successfully graded from 1st kyu (brown belt) to shodan ho (half black belt). Congratulations to our new shodan ho, and the next grading in the club is at the end of June/beginning of July.