Summer Camp 2019


Our annual pure style, residential Shōrinji Kenpō summer camp.

Friday – 12:30 – 16:00hrs.
Saturday – 09:00 – 16:00hrs
Sunday – 09:00 – 16:00hrs. (Will include a grading).
Total training – 17 and a half hours.

Very cheap training costs at £3 per hour or £50 for the full weekend. These  costs include one special guest instructor.

Food/drink costs £10 per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, along with some beer, wine and cider for the evenings.

Accommodation is dojo floor stay and is free.

The total cost including food and training is £80.

You couldn’t get this standard of instruction, this much food or this much fun this cheap anywhere else. Attendance is a rite of passage, and the stories afterwards are the stuff of legend.

There will be a visit to the local pub in the evenings and then card games and general frivolity at the post pub after party.
Weather dependent there may well be at least one barbecue and possibly several.

This year we’ve managed to secure the Sway Village Hall as our day time training venue, which is much bigger than our usual training hall in Sway.

We will be using the Sway Youth Centre as the dormitory and will be retiring there for the evening festivities and frivolity.

Dojo stay and self catering – adults only (over 18 – there’ll be alcohol involved in the evenings – sorry kids.)

16 yrs plus are allowed, but only with parent’s written consent and by prior arrangement.

This event is very special to us and is heavily subsidised by club funds. It’s a special event which as a pure style seminar also acts as a huge competency boost for all that attend. Everyone will receive special complimentary lumps, bumps and bruises, as well as random aches and pains and an inability to move at all without groaning or sighing and shaking of the head.

You’d have to be mad to miss this one.

Dojo floor stay at Sway Youth Centre is available for all – bring your own sleeping bag/camp bed/roll mat and pillow (ear plugs may also help.)
Separate male and female dormitories are arranged.
Outside hot water shower facilities are quite literally homemade – bring a dressing gown and a sense of humour.

Full or partial attendance options – ALL kenshi/friends/WAMA members are welcome.



May Bank Holiday Training Seminar, 2019


There will be a 2 day training seminar hosted by us in Southampton, Hampshire over the May Bank holiday weekend (25th/26th May).

Only over 16’s are allowed for the full day’s training. Under 16’s are allowed for the morning sessions only, from 9am to 12 midday. The afternoon sessions will contain weapons and dangerous techniques which are not suitable for children.
The timetable is as follows:
Friday – admin and training hall set up.
Saturday 09:00 – 16:00hrs
Sunday 09:00 – 15:00hrs
The seminar will include around 12 hours of training.
Senior instructors from several varied and diverse martial arts styles are confirmed as instructing.
Training costs will be £4 per hour to allow for partial attendance. The price for  full attendance all weekend is £40.
There will be an optional seminar T-shirt available. Pre-order is compulsory, and they will cost approximately £12 each.
Accommodation will not be provided or organised for anyone except senior instructors – home-stay or dojo floor stay may be possible if we receive enough notification.
If you are intending to attend please let us know on the Facebook event page.


Senior Grading

Congratulations to our two new Shodan who passed their black belts yesterday. It was a long and hard grading, and they passed entirely on the merit of their own hard work.

One day training seminar – Hōkei

Dear All,


You are kindly invited to attend another one of our one-day seminars on Saturday 18th of August. As usual, the seminar will take place in the Sway dojo from 9h00 to 16h00. This time the theme is Hōkei.

Hōkei 法形 can be translated as “form” or “pattern”. When talking about form, one often thinks of kata 型 that is used by many other budō 武道. The second character (kanji) in hōkei can also be read as kata, but it isn’t the same kanji as the one that is most often used for “kata” in other budō. The meaning of “kata” and “hōkei” is similar, but there is a certain difference.

When one talks about hōkei, one usually think of forms that are done in single form. In Shorinji Kempo, there are of course also these type of forms, but the primary focus in Shorinji Kempo is pair-practice – kumite shutai, which is why so tai forms will also be practiced.

To be covered in the seminar:

  • Tanen hōkei – series of techniques in single form
  • Tenchi ken dai ikkei – dai rokkei (1-6)
  • Ryūō ken dai ikkei
  • Giwa ken dai ikkei, dai nikei (1, 2)
  • Byakuren ken dai ikkei
  • Kō manji ken (manji no kata)
  • Ryū no kata (gyaku gote tanen)

The cost is £10 per person, remember to bring your own packed lunch.

All are welcome,


Randori/Unyoho Seminar – 2018

This past weekend, on Saturday the 29th of July, the club held a one-day training seminar, focusing on Unyoho – the free-flowing application of techniques. Unyoho and randori (imposing order upon chaos) are the closest that Shōrinji Kenpō  comes to open sparring or kumite. However they are rarely practised until shodan, so this was a rare treat for many of our students. The day spanned from 0900 to 1600, and also featured a surprise visit from the head instructor of  Hung Lueng Kuen Kung Fu. Dai Sifu Chris Parker and his assistant instructor Sifu Stacey Woods were a pleasure to have as guests at our dojo.

Everyone who attended greatly enjoyed it, and there were no major injuries suffered. We look forward to the next one!


One-day training seminar – Randori / Unyoho

Dear all,


You are kindly invited to attend a one-day training seminar on Saturday the 21st of July.

The Seminar will be held at the Sway Dojo, from 9h00 to 16h00, and it will be focused on the realistic application of the technical syllabus in a free-flowing attack response sequence.

The cost is £10 per person, but remember to bring your own packed lunch.

All are welcome,




Weapons and Mixed Style Seminar

Dear All.


You are invited to attend a mixed style seminar in London on Saturday the 7th of July. The seminar will be held at the Heston Community Sports Centre – TW5 0QZ. It runs from 1-5pm, and will include instructors from Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu, Shentie, Shōrinji Kenpō and Jui Jitsu.

1-3pm will consist of a weaponry seminar for all ages, including Chinese broadsword, spear/staff, nunchucks and tanto (Japanese knife defence).

From 3-5pm is a mixed seminar for 14+ only, which will be taught in turn by the respective styles that are present.

The seminar will be followed by drinks and food at Indian Gym Khana in Osterley.

All are welcome to attend.


July 1st – Grading


Dear All,


Tomorrow Sunday 1st of July a grading will take place for all ranks up to 3rd kyu blue belt at the Gregg School Dojo, from 12h30 to 15h00.

Remember the following prerequisites apply for the grades:

  • White-yellow: 3 months/20 sessions
  • Yellow-green: 3 months/20 sessions
  • Green-blue: 6 months/40 sessions/1 seminar

To get ready for the grading, there will be a crammer session from 10am to 12 midday at the same place. Bring your own packed lunch!


May Bank Holiday – Weekend seminar

The past 5th and 6th of May a weekend seminar took place at the Gregg School, Southampton.

On the first day, the venue opened its doors at 8:30 to welcome not only participants but also guest instructor Dai Sifu Parker, Chief Instructor of Hung Leng Kuen Kung  Fu. Groundwork, bo staff, and other weaponry practice were the focus of the day. An enjoyable session accompanied by splendid weather conditions. which finished at 16:00 and left more than one excited for the next day.

On the second day, the event resumed at 9:00 under yet another wonderful sunny day. History and philosophy of martial arts, meditative breathing, and more Bo staff practice were the main topics. After thanking all participants, the seminar closed at 15:00.

A well spent bank holiday!



Grading news – 25th of March, 2018

This weekend we had a very small senior grading. Two of our practitioners – Jaevan Burrell and Tessa Bell – successfully graded from 1st kyu (brown belt) to shodan ho (half black belt). Congratulations to our new shodan ho, and the next grading in the club is at the end of June/beginning of July.