Shorinji Kenpo Seminar with Sensei Ian Ferguson

On the 26th of January, Sensei Ian Ferguson, the training partner and life-long friend of our own Sensei Adrian Starr, came to visit the club. We’ve often been told stories of Sensei Ian and Sensei Adrian and the times they’ve spent together, so it was a rare opportunity for the entire club to finally meet Sensei Ian.

Sensei Ian is currently a 3rd Dan in Shōrinji Kenpō, and despite having moved away from Kenpō for a brief period, his abilities are still immaculate. He featured a very traditional Kenpō style, from his movement and his striking to the emphasis he showed when teaching techniques. However, it was very clear that both training partners had been raised by the same Sensei Russell Jenkins and the final result of their varying teaching methods, led to the same end goal.

The seminar started from working on basics but then gradually incorporating these basic strikes into a 4-versus-1 scenario, where technique began to break down and it became about instinct. This message really followed through in the rest of the day, where the focus was on speed and being as relaxed as possible throughout the entire technique.

The really interesting part about Sensei Ian’s style was that it was traditional, where certain techniques have evolved over the years – seeing different versions of the same technique done to an extremely high standard was a great experience, let alone to try them out as difficult as some of them were. We saw this in the practice of Ryou-ken dai Ikkei, and the incorporation of different kicks and the different footwork on certain counts.

Everyone had something different to take away from the seminar as Sensei Ian would come round and personally instruct us on the techniques, but it can be said that everyone really enjoyed the day and that we can’t wait to have him come down and visit us again!