16th of December – Grading Weekend

The weekend was a highly anticipated event for the club – with many Kenshi across the belt spectrum grading. An extremely exhausting six-hour crammer session on Saturday and two hours on the morning of the Sunday led up to the grading. Each Kenshi was pushed to the limits and tested under pressure of watchful grading examiners, scrutinising their techniques, rolls, stances and movement as well as general composure and focus.  Techniques were also called out that they have never been shown before,  seeing how they would cope under unfamiliar and stressful circumstances.

It was a fantastic grading, with many Juniors and Seniors grading, and thanks to everyone’s great effort and commitment, they all passed! A new wave of blue belts have now hit across all four dojos of the organisation which will be a huge boost to our teaching capability – and all have a very high standard. Four new yellow belts also had their first grading and were pushed into unknown grounds, testing themselves as never before. Junior graders were tested this weekend, however, due to fewer numbers they were under far more scrutiny by examiners and did extremely well.

Once again, congratulations to all those that graded! Everyone worked extremely hard following up to this weekend, a well-deserved rest should be had over the holidays!

Training will resume after the New Year (See dates below).

Southampton University:
Term starts – Mon 7 Jan – Opening ceremony Wed 9 Jan

The Gregg School:
Term starts – Thurs 3 Jan – Opening ceremony Mon 7 Jan

Peter Symonds College Winchester
Term starts – Tues 8 Jan – Opening ceremony Tues 8 Jan

Sway, New Forest:
Term starts – Thurs 10 Jan (May change to earlier)