WAMA Seminar – Harrogate 2018

This weekend our club had travelled up to Harrogate in order to attend the WAMA Seminar, where many different instructors from over the world attended to teach and be taught about their respective styles. From Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Karate to name a few.

With instructors such as Sensei Steve Barnett, Sensei Gary Don, Sensei Ralf Karp, Sensei Hans Pihelgas, Sensei Howard Armstrong, Sensei Martin Folan as well as our own Sensei Adrian Starr. They bought about a lot of unique and fun teaching styles but also an extremely high calibre of martial arts technical wisdom.

After the first day of training, we’d settled into accommodation which was kindly provided by The Martial Arts Hut, an amazing dojo with a lot of training facilities. We then went back into town and joined everyone at an after-party where traditional York food, fish and chips, had been provided for everyone as well as allowing all the clubs to mingle outside of the dojo environment and allowed us to make inter-club connections.

The second day was just as fun, and we got to demonstrate a very few minute parts of Shorinji Kenpo to the other instructors from striking vital points, effective striking as well as the power of Kiai. It showed just how effective Shorinji Kenpo is at dealing with someone regardless of size, shape or sex of the attacker.

Unfortunately, the club had to leave the seminar early due to the long drive back, but all the Kenshi had a great time and wished they could have stayed longer. The club wants to thank the instructors as well as Sensei Steve Barnett for organising the event and making it as great as it was. We are looking forward to the next WAMA seminars in the coming year and hope that we will able to attend.