*Please note – Shōrinji Kenpō training will hopefully resume at three training venues (Peter Symonds College, Southampton University, Sway Youth Club) on 17th May 2021. There will be no contact in these sessions and we will abide by the government-mandated safe distance. This date is based on the Spring 2021 COVID-19 response released by the Government on 22/02/21, and will be subject to change if/when the Government advice changes.

The Shōrinji Kenpō Organisation also offers fitness and flexibility classes when the lockdown restrictions allow it. Please enquire using one of the links below for more information.



Shōrinji Kenpō is a formidable Japanese martial art.

It was founded in Japan in 1948 by Doshin So, and is an efficient and effective form of self-defence.

This group is headed by Adrian Starr-Sensei, who has been training in this style since 1981.

The organisation is designed to be open and accessible to all,  regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation or ability.

At present training sessions are held in Hampshire – Winchester, Southampton, and the New Forest.

Please do come and try a session – your first one is free!



The SKO is an independent organisation dedicated to teaching the techniques and philosophy of Doshin So. It is in no way affiliated with WSKO (World Shorinji Kempo Organisation) or the BSKF (British Shorinji Kempo Federation).